A clean, strong and well functioning colon is extremely important for maintaining good health...

An unclean, weak and poorly functioning colon is a breeding ground for disease. Serious health problems can arise if the colon is not properly cared for.

Good colon health is as much a function of the quality of food we eat, as it is our elimination status. A diet comprised of refined, processed, fried foods... high in saturated sugar, flour, preservatives and low in fiber, inevitably causes problem for the colon.

Over time, the colon will lose the ability to process vital nutrients, absorb water and to eliminate fecal matter from the body... a condition commonly known as "constipation".

Most people have no idea how much old, hardened, fecal matter is lodged within the colon. Many experts now believe that the average person has 5 to 20 pounds of accumulated waste matter in their colon. While not a weight loss procedure, it is interesting to note that many people report significant weight losses after a series of colon hydrotherapy sessions.

Princess Diana - One of Colon Hydrotherapy's Greatest Advocates

According to "The Globe, Vol.40 Number22 dated June1, 1993, Princess Diana swore by the process! She said it increased her energy and kept her looking young. She even credited the treatment with curing her fatigue, allergies, depression, infections and migraine!